18/12/2018 0 Por Oscar Velázquez

Mary Poppins returns after several years, returns to help the Banks family that once again requires her magic.

However, this time the magic seems that it’s not enough, the story does not give much sense and lacks a strong narrative that allows you to appreciate the potential of the characters within the story.

We plunged into a London in the time to Great Depression, the streets are gray and the mood is on the floor, we could think that it is Mary Poppins could give a little color and smiles to the story, but we soon discovered that it’s not like that. Everything starts very well, there´s magic, color, adventure, but all that is diluted as the story takes place. Every time we see less color and more of a gray London, it seems that they decided to change everything memorable from the previous film and put in their place one dance after another of the lamplighters who are not so memorable as to dedicate so much space and end up feeling like a filling.

Speaking of the characters we can´t say that they´ll stay in our memory. Mary Poppins lacks protagonism, the story is not about her, that is clear, but it doesn´t seem that her presence is the motivation that the family was looking for, she is simply in a constant struggle between attention and charisma that seems to be there alone to scold and make a gesture from time to time, you don´t finish empathizing with her and that is something contrary to the general idea of the story. As for the others, in the only one who feels an evolution and with the intention of showing a type of emotion, ironically is the father, who represents everything contrary to magic, But at the same time the character does not finish evolving.

Although the songs have an intention and an essence, they´re not memorable, there is not a “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” or something that seems in your mind for a long time.

The animation is very good, the little we see of it brings many memories of the classic drawings and looks as beautiful as ever, the problem is that we will not see much of it and in the end it doesn´t matter at all.

In conclusion:

Mary Poppins had a great opportunity to bring classic Disney magic to a new generation, however, she decided not to bet on it and instead maybe even left us without wanting to know more about the characters, which end up feeling in a film without charisma and made only because it had to be done. Most likely, children do not remember this tape with love and it is more, maybe they will not even enjoy it.