22/02/2019 0 Por Lalo Olivares

“Do you follow your dreams, or those of someone else? The emotional story of Paige, which teaches us to take advantage of those unique opportunities and not get carried away by appearances. Entertaining, emotional, but above all, powerful ”

Saraya is a girl from Norwich, England, from a family of wrestlers, who has grown practically all her life around a fight ring, this will take her to the top, even if it means hurting her brother and fighting the last drop for glory.

To begin we must know that this is a story based on real events, but it will not focus on the entire career of Paige, but from the time he fought in his hometown with his family, until he reaches the WWE, which is what fighters consider the top of this sport. But not everything will be simple, since not only talent is enough to take you into account, it is about having that special something that makes you stand out from the rest.

Following this premise, the film begins by introducing us to the characters in a direct way, and then we know what moves them, what they are passionate about and what their goals are in life, therefore, it will not be complicated to empathize with their desires … but this is why same as the tape takes its time to start with the main plot, since it gets to feel a little heavy and slow of moments, but it is the well-managed humor that ends up making it pleasant and passable.

Although the facts are not 100% attached to what actually happened, you can feel that energy projected by the actors when interpreting key moments in the history of this fighter, who along with her brother, will give us the most emotive of the whole movie; Which brings us to the message that is not trusting appearances and supporting your loved ones even though it seems that you should be occupying a place that you felt was yours.

In conclusion:
Fighting with my family is a real story, that the fans already know, although not thoroughly, and even if you are not familiar with this sport you will find an anecdote of incomparable improvement, since, know or not, the events that happened in reality , there are added moments of drama and comedy that are the highlight of the story of this person who has survived many falls and blows both physical and emotional. Recommended film